Ricky Brogsdale, the 26-year-old man charged in the so-called peeping Tom slaying, was sentenced yesterday by a D.C. Superior Court judge in a separate case to 90 days in jail and fined $300 for indecent exposure while he was on parole during the summer.

Brogsdale told D.C. Superior Court Judge George D. Neilson that he "wanted help," and indicated that he wanted to be admitted to St. Elizabeths Hospital, according to Brogsdale's attorney Raymond Jacobson. But Neilson refused to grant that request, and told Brogsdale that his "record was too long," Jacobson said.

Brogsdale had been on parole since May 11 after serving time for carrying a pistol without a license. He pleaded guilty during the summer to the indecent exposure charge.

Although that charge was a parole violation, the D.C. Parole Board did not return him to prison because it decided he was not a threat to the community, said Gladys Mack, Parole Board head. "That was a very reasonable evaluation," said Ellen Kreitzberg, an attorney with the Public Defender Service who is representing Brogsdale in the peeping Tom case. "It is an unfair burden on the Parole Board to expect them to predict what might have happened."

Mack has said that, in the month Brogsdale had been on parole, he had lived up to his other parole conditions, had not tested positive for drugs and had reported regularly to a psychiatrist.