Fairfax County Board Chairman John F. Herrity began broadcasting new television commercials yesterday that accuse his challenger, Democratic Supervisor Audrey Moore, of double talk when it comes to roads.

Encouraged by the apparent success of similar ads broadcast earlier this month, Herrity will spend an additional $70,000 to $90,000 attacking Moore's transportation record.

Herrity, a Republican, and Moore are seeking the board chairmanship in Tuesday's election.

The new Herrity commercials juxtapose Moore saying, "I voted for every one of these roads" with a newspaper headline reading, "Moore voted against major roads."

A voice then says: "You can't have it both ways, candidate Moore."

While Moore has voted in favor of the Springfield bypass, I-66 and the Dulles Toll Road on several occasions, she also has cast votes against them. Those negative votes, Moore said, were not because she opposed the roads, but because she disagreed with details, such as the road alignment or the financing source. She contends that Herrity is trying to distort her record.

"His allegations are bogus {and} these commercials are beating a dead horse," said Janice Spector, Moore's spokeswoman. "He is talking about his opponent because he has absolutely nothing substantive to say about himself."

With only six days left until voters go to the polls, Herrity and Moore are spending large sums of money to criticize each other during newscasts and popular shows such as "Dallas" and "Dynasty."

On Sunday, Moore began a $120,000 television campaign with five commercials, one of which attacks Herrity for "reckless development policy" that amount to "dropping the entire city of Newark right on top of our neighborhoods."

Before the broadcast of Herrity's first ads, which said Moore voted against every major road improvement, he trailed Moore in Washington Post polls by 14 points among likely voters; afterward he trailed by 7.

Asked why Herrity decided to use the same transportation issue in his final television blitz of 30-second ads, his spokeswoman, M. Constance Bedell, said: "We wanted again to stress to the voters that she did not vote for these roads and that it is a matter of public record that she did not."

Bedell said people are so tired of hearing Moore say she supported I-66, the Springfield bypass and the Dulles Toll Road, that their "eyes glaze over when she says she voted for them."