Firefighter Robert Shifflett of Herndon's Fire and Rescue Station 31 is by his own description the kind of guy who likes to do things for himself.

But when his fellow firefighters learned his 3-year-old daughter Tiffany would soon die of an incurable form of muscular dystrophy and set up a fund to send her to Walt Disney World, he decided to accept their help.

"I've never taken things from anybody," Shifflett said. "But I'm thinking more for her than for me."

Fire Lt. William Allen helped send letters to 1,500 firefighters, police and local businesses asking for help in raising about $900.

"He {Shifflett} had mentioned something about going to Disney World, but he did not have the money," said Fire Lt. William Allen.

"Bob's first reaction was, 'Wait a minute, I didn't bring this up for you guys to feel sorry for me,' " Allen said. "We assured him that wasn't the point. This was something we wanted to do for the little girl."

Tiffany suffers from metachronatic leukodystrophy and can no longer walk, Shifflett said. The disease first became apparent when Tiffany at age 2 began to have trouble with her balance. It has no cure, Allen said.

"She's at a point now in this disease she can't do anything on her own," Shifflett said. "The only thing she can do now is read books. We give her things like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse . . . . She likes Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse."

Donations are being accepted at the Tiffany Shifflett Fund, Fire and Rescue Station 31, 2610 Reston Ave., Herndon. Allen said that on the first day that donations came in, the fund received about $157 in contributions ranging from $5 to $20.