Roald Schrack's letter {"Rockville Pike: Headed Toward Gridlock," Letters to the Weekly, Oct. 22} is part of a deceptive campaign intended to discredit Rockville Mayor Steve Van Grack and defeat the city planning commission's plan to limit development and ease traffic congestion on the pike.

Mr. Schrack fails to mention that his political party zoned the pike to allow 33 million square feet of commercial and industrial development. Their plan did not include any traffic improvements. The commission's newly approved plan would permit a total of only 7 million feet on the pike and provides for two new parallel roads, several cross streets and major intersection improvements.

Mr. Schrack says the plan is being "rushed." He ignores two public hearings, two citywide forums and dozens of open and participatory work sessions during the five years this plan was being drafted. Mr. Schrack also does not reveal that the "facts" he relies on for his traffic discussion are made up. They are unrelated to the data generated in dozens of studies. He also misrepresents the hearing record.

Mayor Van Grack knows that economics, geography and demographics dictate that some pike development is inevitable. Mayor Van Grack is committed to controlling this development. Every intelligent person knows a pike plan must be adopted. No pike plan means rampant, unrestrained growth. Why is Mr. Schrack trying to kill a plan to limit development and ease traffic congestion on the pike?

RICHARD L. ARKIN Rockville City Planning Commission Rockville