A familiar name that will be missing when poll workers tally up Tuesday's election results for the Virginia General Assembly will be that of Sen. Peter K. Babalas, the Norfolk Democrat who was censured by his colleagues this year for conflict of interest.

Babalas, 65, who was elected to five four-year terms and as a result was the Senate's third-ranking member, decided not to seek reelection, citing not the scolding from his colleagues, but ill health. He has had bone cancer for nine years.

Babalas has been in and out of hospitals this year, most recently being discharged Oct. 23 from the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute in New York.

Babalas continues to practice law in Norfolk, but his secretary said Friday that he has been out of town for a while and may miss his first legislative election since the early 1960s.

If form holds in the heavily Democratic district, his seat will be filled by Del. Yvonne B. Miller, who would be the first black woman to serve in the Virginia Senate.

Another familiar fixture in Richmond who will not be back is House Finance Committee Chairman Theodore V. Morrison Jr. (D-Newport News).

Morrison, like Babalas, served five terms, and he had been mentioned as a possible successor someday to his long-time mentor, House Speaker A.L. Philpott. But Philpott, who is completing 30 years in the House, outlasted him and is expected to be reelected, without opposition.

Two popular members from Southwest Virginia are giving up the long commute to Richmond after four years -- Del. Charles C. Lacy (D-Wytheville) and Sen. James P. Jones (D-Abingdon) -- who cited family and business commitments for their decisions.