The public always seems to need a picker-upper the day after it goes to the polls. So to the comics page faithful, I say: Prepare to be picked up. Here is another crop of Perfect Fit Last Names (PFLNs) -- reports from readers of names that couldn't be more appropriate.

Brother Hillary Mettes of Arlington gets us going with a three-fer. First, he has discovered that Dr. Enid Neidle is assistant executive director for scientific affairs at the American Dental Association. Second, he passes on the fact that there's a detective with the Montgomery County Police named Robert Seek. Third, he notes that there's a reporter for Newsweek named Aric Press.

Al Arrighi of Olney was startled to see that Clinton Smoke is editor-in-chief of Fire Command Magazine (thanks to Donald Hagerty of Canton, Mass., who told Al about it, and to Michael Codel of Arlington, who also told me about it).

Pair of aces from Fabia Harris Mahoney of Bethesda. Ace One: Bread for the World has a public relations person named Lane Vanderslice. Ace Two: A law professor at New York University is named Sylvia Law.

Who's serving as a military personnel records director for the Navy Department? None other than Capt. Ann Yeoman (much obliged, Paulos Kaltsas of Reston and Warner M. Ray of Baileys Crossroads).

Peter Nelson split my sides with this one. He was reading a book about Duke Ellington, a musician of whom you may have heard. Know who the Duke's first piano teacher was? Mrs. Clinkscale.

Thank you, Neal Jacob of Germantown, for the name of the plumber you called when your basement flooded after a rainstorm (again). The wrenchmaster was Martin Poole.

D.R. Borsch of Beltsville knows a Nancy Bagett out in Columbia. Nancy is the author of a bread cookbook.

Who says summer vacations never turn up anything but extra pounds and unwelcome bills? While out in California this summer, I spotted the name of a realtor in Santa Monica. His name is Jack Rooke.

A tip of the cap to Jack Rue of Trappe, Md., for the name of the commander of American Legion Post 29 down thattaway. The boss is named Firm Rein.

Without further comment: The Manassas district manager of Zayre's is Roderick Hassel.

June Baker of Alexandria tells of a minister she knows named Lee Scripture. Jessica Broome of Arlington has a journalist/neighbor named John Reiter. George G. Jaffe thinks it's mighty appropriate that the Calgary Flames hockey team has a coach named Terry Crisp. And Connie Pattee of Fairfax finds it most interesting that the landscape architect planning the widening of Rte. 123 in Northern Virginia is Elliot Rhodeside.

Here's a cutie from Lyla Keeling of Silver Spring. Seems the credit manager of the Rocky Mountain News in Denver used to be Bob Proffitt.

Mary Karcha of Amherst, Mass., sends a postcard with a local PFLN. It belongs to a doctor named Steve Mesick. Yes, he pronounces the surname Me-Sick.

Nancy Austin notes that her veterinarian is named Dr. Alterman. An anonymous correspondent says a secretary at a Holiday Inn in Memphis is named Debby Goodnight. And "Please Don't Print My Name" of Silver Spring reports that the following folks work at the Naval Surface Weapons Center: Kerry B. Gunn, Bonnie E. Cannon, Clyde M. Cannon, John B. Shipp III and Jennie Seaborn.

Stuart D. Gibson of Reston went far afield for this one, but it was a worthwhile journey. Stuart says there's a lawyer in Cavalier, N.D., named Wesley A. Argue.

Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Wicks of Woodford, Va., were greatly amused to read a letter in The New Republic from Francine Prose. She's an English professor at The University of Utah.

She writes with a red pen, and she says she'd better remain anonymous. But one correspondent would like the world to know that Michael Carr teaches a class on auto transmissions and David Lusted works at a family planning center.

Certified public accountants have earned their way into this collection, thanks to Tycho von Rosenvinge of Bowie. That reader says Norman E. Quible is a CPA in Seabrook, and Larry Eagleye used to do accounting for TRW.

Denise M. Brennan of Bethesda says she and her family once rented a house on Cape Cod. The local fishmonger was named Joe Wiggles.

Back to the world of public relations for an especially good one. Kendra Palmer of Hollywood, Md., notes that the head of public affairs for the Marine Corps is Brig. Gen. Walter Boomer.

And finally, a great one from Leslie Goodman-Malamuth of Northwest. She has unearthed the fact that Ed Hinds is the vice president of a cloth diaper company.

Got a goodie? No fair keeping it to yourself. Please mail it to Bob Levey, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., 20071.