I regret that I must respond to Stephen Edwards' letter {Letters to the Weekly, Oct. 22} by stating that it is my co-chairman who is wrong. While Doug Duncan did work very diligently with the Rockville Election Task Force and was certainly a valued addition as an ex officio member, the real impetus for election reform in Rockville originated with the successful campaign of Steve Van Grack for Mayor in 1985.

Steve Van Grack was the only mayoral candidate that year who pushed for an end to the infamous dual registration system that was designed to disenfranchise the majority of Rockville's eligible voting population. He also was the only candidate to demand accountability of those who seek public office in Rockville through full disclosure of campaign finances prior to Election Day. Mr. Van Grack went beyond campaign rhetoric that year; he voluntarily released his entire list of contributors before the election (his competitors belatedly followed suit), and his organization took on the job that the city should have done and registered over 1,000 new voters by Election Day. These unique efforts to expand citizen control over the election process resulted in a huge increase in voter participation and a mandate in favor of major election reforms.

To his credit, Mr. Duncan recognized this and prepared the formal memo paving the way for creation of a task force to recommend specific election reforms. However, the recommendations that emerged were clearly based on the issues raised by Steve Van Grack.

DENNIS KING Co-chairman, Rockville Election Task Force Rockville