The following were among actions taken by the Alexandria Board of Architectural Review, Old and Historic District Panel, at its Nov. 4 meeting. For further information, call 838-4666.

The following requests were approved:

FIRST ST., 625 -- By American Sign & Indicator Co. to erect over the entrance to a four-story building a metal 25-by-15 foot sign that will read "Commonwealth Center" and a metal 20-by-24 foot sign that will read "Old Colony Inn." 7 to 0.

KING ST., 715 -- By Willaim T. Harkey to erect an awning that will read "Nam's River Restaurant" over the first-floor window of a three-story brick town house. 5 to 1.

QUEEN ST., 312 -- By Charlotte Miller to build a two-story, 22-by-13 foot addition with a garage on the first floor and living space on the second floor on the side of a three-story brick town house. 7 to 0.

UNION ST. S., 104 -- By Linda H. Michael for approval of architectual design details for a three-story brick building to be built on a vacant lot. 7 to 0.

WILKES ST., 210 -- By James W. Ritter to install stone steps at the front entrance to a three-story brick town house. 5 to 1, with one abstention. The following requests were deferred for further study:

KING ST., 716-718 -- By John T. Donelan to erect on a 2 1/2-story brick building a hanging wooden sign that would read "Palmistry" on one side and "Phrenology" on the other side.

UNION ST. S., 105 -- By Myung Hee Kim to erect on a three-story brick town house two wood signs that would each read "Kim's Dress Design, Tailoring and Alterations."