Sluggards, slovens and scofflaws beware: Untidiness will soon become an expensive trait in the District.

Last week, Mayor Marion Barry and Director of Public Works John Touchstone began a new effort to keep the city clean, through the implementation of the Litter Control Administration Act. Through the end of the year, public works employes will issue notices of public space and solid waste violations. As of 1988, however, the tickets will pack a $25 to $300 fine.

"For so long, whether it's been the neighbor with the uncanny knack of putting the trash out just after the truck pulls away, or the dumpster that blocks an alley, people have called in frustration," said public works spokeswoman Tara Hamilton. "Now we have an effective way to deal with it."

The department urges residents to help in the city effort by reporting litter or hazard complaints to the appropriate city offices. The telephone numbers are in the chart.

After the implementation of fines in January, the city will open an administrative law court to settle disputed fines at 65 K St. NE, home of the of the city's traffic ticket adjudication office.

In the meantime, public works officials are visiting advisory neighborhood commission and civic association meetings to explain the purpose and procedure of the law.

"It is our hope that especially in a residential area, once you've been advised of a problem, you'll understand and correct it before being fined," Hamilton said. PHONE NUMBERS FOR SERVICE Abandoned vehicles In public space-673-6993 On private property-727-7709 Alley cleaning-727-4825 Bulk trash collection-727-4825 Citizens' trash disposal site-576-7387 Enforcement of violations-576-7387 Illegal dumping-576-7387 Leaf collection schedule-727-4825 Public space use violations-767-8522 Pothole repair-767-8527 Roadside, park maintenance-727-0211 Sidewalk repair-767-8527 Street cleaning-727-4825 Trash collection problems Apartment/commercial-576-7387 Residential-727-4825 Trash on private property-727-7709 Trees and tree box spaces-767-8532 Vacant lots-576-7188 War on Rats-576-7187