CHARLESTON, W.VA., NOV. 11 -- Kathleen Householder, who pleaded guilty to killing her infant daughter and then gave birth to another daughter conceived during an unauthorized jail visit with her husband, has been released early from prison, prison officials said today.

Householder, 22, of Rippon, W.Va., was released from the Federal Correctional Institution for women in Alderson on Oct. 15 and now is at the Charleston Work and Study Release Center, said an associate warden who asked not to be identified.

In Charleston, Householder can leave the center and hold a job in the community, according to officials. Her husband is in jail, and it was not immediately known if she has regained custody of her new daughter and a 3-year-old son, Dustin.

Householder was sentenced to one to five years in prison in March after pleading guilty in January to voluntary manslaughter in the death of her 2-week-old daughter last year.

In January 1986, Householder gained national attention when she claimed that her infant daughter, Lindsey, had been kidnaped from the parking lot of a Winchester, Va., grocery store. She went on television to plead tearfully for return of the girl.

Later, Householder confessed that she had killed the baby by hitting her in the head with a rock, after which she threw the body in the Shenandoah River. She led authorities to the baby's body.

Householder's attorney said she suffered from severe post-birth depression.

In September, Householder gave birth to another daughter. She said she conceived while being held in the Jefferson County Jail, where a guard allowed her and her husband, Daniel, to have sex in the jail kitchen.

Daniel Householder is serving a one-year sentence in the Jefferson County Jail after pleading guilty earlier this year to driving under the influence and causing death. The charges resulted from a March 1985 accident in which another driver was killed.