The following were among actions taken by the Alexandria School Board at its Nov. 5 meeting. For further information, call 988-2100.

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT BUDGET -- The board unanimously approved a proposed $1.8 million capital improvement budget for the 1988-89 school year for Alexandria's 15 public schools -- down approximately $240,000 from the current capital budget.

The decrease is largely due to the postponement of a proposed $450,000 project to build additional classrooms at Cora Kelly Magnet School. When Alexandria School Superintenent Paul Masem presented the capital improvement budget to the board Sept. 17, he said the school administration should first conduct a long-range plan for the magnet school based on demographic changes. He proposed including it in the 1989-90 capital budget.

About $1 million of the proposed budget is allocated for the continuing building modernization program, which includes upgrading such things as school mechanical and electrical systems. During the current school year, $675,000 is being spent to upgrade those systems.

The budget also proposes $424,000 for the continuing school renovation program, in which such things as electrical and other mechanical systems are restored, rather than upgraded with newer systems. The current budget for renovation projects in city school buildings, which are an average of 36 years old, is $585,000.

The board is also proposing to spend $192,000 on improvements to school heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems, down from $530,300 in this school year.

Other projects in the proposed budget include $217,000 for handicapped accessibility improvements at John Adams, Patrick Henry and Jefferson-Houston elementary schools and at T.C. Williams High School, $180,000 for heating and electrical improvements at Hammond Junior High School, and $40,000 for stadium bleacher improvements at T.C. Williams. The City Council will act on both the school operating and capital improvement budgets when it approves the final city budget next May.