Warning that death or injury awaits the children of unwary parents, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has listed lawn dart sets, certain skateboards and most crib toys as dangerous items that could destroy the joy of the holiday season.

In releasing its list of safe and unsafe toys during a news conference yesterday, commission Chairman Terrence Scanlon also announced the completion of "Operation Toyland" in which commission officials and the U.S. Customs Service confiscated 70 shipments of toys from overseas, valued at more than $2.5 million, for safety violations.

Lawn dart games, in which large, metal-tipped darts are tossed at targets laid on the ground, top the list of dangerous items. The commission said lawn darts are for adults and cannot be sold in toy stores or in department stores dealing predominantly in toys or children's articles.

Many crib toys are listed as dangerous because of incidents in which babies became entangled in the gadgets and were strangled or suffocated. Skateboards, while they are not banned, should be purchased and used with care, said the commission, which reported 58,000 skateboard injuries last year.

Commissioner Anne Graham cited dangers associated with use of all-terrain vehicles by children. Scanlon said more than a half-million children are injured each year in accidents associated with toys, bicycles and other children's products.