The following were among actions taken at the Nov. 12 meeting of the Columbia Association Council. For more information, call 596-4714.

BUDGET COMMITTEE -- The council appointed a five-member budget committee to study possible changes in recreation fees as the council prepares Columbia's 1989 fiscal budget.

The committee will include: John E. Conlon, a resident of Dorsey's Search; William E. Johnston, a resident of Kings Contrivance; Richard Lewis, a former council member and a resident of Owen Brown; Roy T. Meyers, a resident of Owen Brown; and Leonard S. Vaughan, a former council member and a resident of Town Center.

DOWNTOWN CONCEPT PLAN -- The council agreed after extensive debate to have members go back to their respective villages for further public discussion of the development proposed for the lakefront adjacent to Columbia Mall.

The development, which includes a lakefront plaza and an amphitheater, are designed to give the area a more urban feel.

Representatives of two village groups expressed concern about the lack of public input on the plans and recommended that another public forum be scheduled.

Council Chairman Lenny Morrison, who disagreed, said there had been an extensive public debate on the plan at information meetings and extensive media coverage of the plan. Morrison, nevertheless, agreed to gather further input from the villages.

MISSION STATEMENT -- The council unanimously approved the final draft of a six-part mission statement for the Columbia Association.

To fulfill the mission of "ensuring that Columbia remain an open, integrated and caring community," the statement defines the association's role as: encouraging involvement in the community; offering a wide range of cultural, recreational and community service programs; developing, maintaining and preserving land; developing its own facilities; providing the best employe working environment; and managing finances judiciously.