Town of Herndon

The following was among the actions taken by the Herndon Town Council at its Nov. 10 meeting. For more information, call 385-6800.

PINE STATION -- The council approved a new office building on the site of a former service station at Pine and Station streets.

Planners expect the office development to help launch a transformation of the downtown area over the next 10 years from a sparse collection of low-rise stores and service businesses to a mix of offices, restaurants and boutiques.

The three-story, 14,000 square-foot building will include a restaurant on the first floor and offices on the second and third floors.

Some residents protested that the building appeared to be designed to avoid town regulations that require developers to provide off-street parking for all buildings of more than 15,000 square feet.

Although technically not required to provide parking, developer Harold Miller said his firm would be willing to pay fees -- if other downtown businesses do -- to support off-street public parking facilities, a proposal town planners are now considering.

The final vote to approve the project was 3 to 0, with councilman Lloyd Johnson abstaining. Councilmen William Des Rochers and Christopher Riddick were absent. Miller said he hoped to complete construction by next summer.