The following were among items discussed at the Nov. 10 meeting of the Montgomery County Board of Education. For more information, call 279-3617.

WHITMAN HIGH SCHOOL -- The school board voted unanimously to replace rather than remodel, Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda. The 25-year-old school is generally inaccessible to the handicapped and has been plagued by structural problems, according to school officials.

Superintendent Harry Pitt, who served as assistant principal at the school the year it opened, has said that he favors a new structure, but that the building of a new school could set an unwanted precedent for other schools considering whether to modernize or completely rebuild.

Pitt told the board that Whitman could be replaced for $21.6 million -- $3.6 million more than it would cost to refurbish the school.

A funding request for the Whitman project will be included in the school's fiscal 1990 budget request,must be approved by the County Council. School officials have said they hope to build $420 million worth of new schools through 1993, most through county, rather than state funding. The state granted more than $9 million during fiscal 1988 to Montgomery for school construction.

AIDS POLICY -- The school board voted to support a proposal by the State Board of Education to allow AIDS education in Maryland to begin in the third grade rather than in the eighth grade as is currently done.

The state board last week held a hearing on making the proposed change in its bylaws, and is scheduled to take a final vote Dec. 9.