A 3rd District D.C. police officer who is the subject of an internal investigation regarding allegations of brutality against two men arrested last weekend has five similar complaints pending against him with the Civilian Complaint Review Board.

Each complaint filed against Officer Wayne Walker, a two-year member of the department, alleges that the 26-year-old officer used unnecessary force while making arrests.

The review board is responsible for investigating citizens' complaints against police officers. Its findings are forwarded to Police Chief Maurice T. Turner Jr. for his action.

All of the complaints against Walker are still pending.

In the most recent case, which occurred late last Friday in Adams-Morgan, two men -- Fernando Luna, 20, a part-time student from Silver Spring, and Linwood Bentley, 33, a teacher's aide at Ross Elementary School -- allege that Walker punched them without provocation in an incident that began when Luna asked Walker to help him break up a fight.

The two have hired lawyers but have not filed complaints with the review board.

Six community leaders met with police officials in a closed-door meeting yesterday to discuss concerns over the incident, citing increasing friction between the city's Hispanic community and 3rd District officers.

The first complaint was filed against Walker by the Rev. Alvin Ferrell of 5055 Seminary Rd., Alexandria, and concerned a Sept. 13, 1986, incident in which Ferrell was arrested on 14th Street NW.

In his written complaint, Ferrell said, "Officer Walker grabbed me and slammed me down on the ground, banging my head and face to the point that my mouth required six to eight stitches."

The second complaint was filed five months later by the sister of Lance Jerry Gaines of 1320 Corcoran St. NW, who she said "was brutally beaten about the face, head, back and leg by the officer without rational reason." That incident occurred near 14th and Corcoran streets NW on Feb. 26. Gaines filed a complaint the same day.

On Sept. 13, 1987, Grady Harris of 87 Melrose St. filed a complaint alleging that he was attacked by Walker after his car broke down near K Street and Vermont Avenue NW. "He came up behind me . . . this time hitting me with something in his hand on the left side of my head {and} my left ear," Harris wrote.

The fifth complaint, filed six days later, was made by Afshin Moalem, of 11368 Cherry Hill Rd., Beltsville. Moalem alleged that Walker and two other unidentified officers "slammed me on the asphalt," breaking his left wrist.