VIRGINIA BEACH -- The Christian Broadcasting Network needs viewer support if the financially troubled network is to continue spreading the Gospel, its president said in announcing further layoffs.

"We need money to preach the Gospel," said Timothy Robertson, son of presidential candidate and network founder Marion G. (Pat) Robertson. "We need money to buy television air time."

"Many of you may have had questions, 'Do you still have the same vision you've always had?' and the answer is yes," Robertson said on the air Monday.

The network, which has seen two years of declining revenues and is facing an Internal Revenue Service audit over improper use of funds, said it will lay off 145 people and reduce spending by $9 million in an effort to balance its books.

If donations do not increase, the network might have to reduce the number of local television stations it pays to air its flagship show, "The 700 Club," Robertson said. "We're not in a position of saying we have to cut off 100 stations {now}," he said, "but, folks, if you don't get with us, we may be in that position."

The network's finances have been "in a deteriorating situation, a downturn, for many months, about two years," Bob Slosser, board chairman, told viewers of "The 700 Club."

In June, CBN laid off 470 of its 2,104 workers. An additional 42 were laid off last year.

Slosser blamed CBN's financial troubles on a poor economy and the recent scandal surrounding TV evangelist Jim Bakker.

"It's a very hard day and a difficult day in this ministry," Slosser said. "But because of Jesus Christ . . . we are going to keep our chins up."