After reading about the harrowing experiences of motorists spending Wednesday evening and Thursday morning on the Beltway, the Wilson Bridge and I-295 during the snowstorm, I consider myself very lucky indeed.

After driving for 11 hours from Tennessee, I finally reached Telegraph Road on the Beltway, which is approximately five miles from my home in Oxon Hill. There, hemmed in by the road barrier on my left and 18-wheelers forward, rear and to the right for six hours, I had begun to resign myself to the terrible ordeal that descended on many motorists.

Then, at 10 p.m. Wednesday night, the truck in front of me suddenly moved to the right, went through three lanes of traffic and disappeared. "What do I have to lose?" I thought to myself, and I immediately followed the truck's path. I took the Beltway. Looking below, I saw the terrible scene of the stranded cars and trucks. Very close was the Masonic Temple, and I went through Alexandria and Crystal City (I practically had the well-cleared streets to myself), went over the Memorial Bridge, on to the Douglas Bridge in Anacostia, past Bolling Field and on to Oxon Hill.

Herb Berkner, the owner of the Oxon Hill Shell station, was very kind and let me park my car overnight. Walking through slush and snow to my knees for a mile, I arrived home at 11:45 p.m. Thank God. FRANK MARUCA Oxon Hill