The following were among actions taken by the Alexandria Board of Architectural Review, Old and Historic District Panel, at its Nov. 18 meeting. For further information, call 838-4666. The following requests weres approved:

JANNEYS LA., 406 -- By Kellogg, Shapiro Ltd. to demolish a 10-foot-wide portion of a wood two-story, single-family house. 5 to 0.

POTOMAC CT., 10 -- By Michael and Chantal Jennings to replace a stockade fence with a cedar flatboard fence along the rear property line of a two-story, single-family house. 4 to 1.

PRINCE ST., 1200 block -- By J. & J. Francone Inc. to construct a handicapped ramp on the side of a two-story, brick office building. 5 to 0. The board deferred a portion of this application to install an iron railing along the first floor and to replace three windows with glass.

QUEEN ST., 312 -- By Charlotte Millar to build a two-story, 22-by-13 foot addition with a garage on the first floor and living space on the second floor of a three-story, brick town house. 5 to 0.

ST. ASAPH ST. S., 311 -- By Richard S. Schoppet to construct on the rear of a two-story, wood town house an L-shaped, 15-by-23 foot, two-story wood addition. 5 to 0.

UNION ST. S., 105 -- By Myung Hee Kim to place on a three-story, brick town house a hanging sign that would read, "Kim's Dress Design, Tailoring and Alterations." 5 to 0.

WEST ST. S., 112 -- By Michael M. Reddan to replace the window trim on a four-story, brick building. 5 to 0. The board denied a request for new roof materials for this building. The following request was deferred for further study:

LEE ST. S., 626 -- By Samuel L. Parker and Alvin Reeder to construct on the rear of a two-story, brick town house a one-story, 10-by-20 foot, brick addition and to install a dormer with a French door on the rear of the second floor.