Fairfax City

The following were among actions taken at the Nov. 17 meeting of the Fairfax City Council. For more information, call 385-7855.

CAR TAX CHANGES -- The council voted to study a change in the way the city taxes personal property such as cars, boats and airplanes.

The proposed change, which could take at least a year to implement after the $4,500 study is completed, would cost most city car buyers more money.

Under current law, car owners pay a tax each December of $2.99 per $100 of assessed value for any motor vechile they owned on Jan. 1.

Under the proposed change, the city would levy the tax on a prorated basis, for the portion of the year a resident owns a vehicle, boat or airplane. Thus, a resident who traded in an inexpensive, used car at the end of March for a new, more expensive model would pay three months' worth of tax on the older, less valuable car and nine months on the new one.

City information specialist Mark Winegardner said the change would bring the city's tax collection system into line with methods used by Fairfax County and most other Washington-area jursidictions.

CORNELL ROAD SIDEWALK -- The council opposed a request by some residents of Cornell Road to build sidewalks along the road in areas where none are now.

About 30 residents appeared at the meeting to discuss the issue, but they were divided between supporters and opponents of the walkway, said council member Dorris Reed.

Some favored it because they believe it's unsafe for children to walk along the road, which is near Fairfax High School, while others opposed it because of cost, she said. Under town regulations, property owners must pay half the cost of sidewalks built along their land.

The item was not on the scheduled agenda, so the council took no formal vote. But Reed and Winegardner said the board generally opposes the plan, and does not intend to put it on a formal agenda.

"There are really places for the children" to walk to school on neighboring streets, said Reed. "We felt it really wasn't necessary."