A juror in a heroin distribution conspiracy case testified in U.S. District Court here yesterday that a man she had seen talking to one of the defendants followed her home Tuesday night and offered to "give {her} anything" if she would tell him the outcome of the jury's first day of deliberation.

The juror, Cassandra Bryant, told U.S. District Judge Joyce Hens Green that the man, whom she recognized as a former fellow student at Eastern High School in the District, had pleaded with her for the information but that she had refused to talk with him and ran into her house.

Bryant said she was "scared" because the man, whose name she recalled only as Timothy, had learned where she lived, but she told Green the incident would not affect her ability to reach an impartial verdict on all the defendants.

After questioning the other 11 jurors, Green denied defense attorneys' requests to remove Sharon S. Jones -- the defendant with whom the man was seen -- from the case.

Green also turned down defense motions for a mistrial and ordered the jurors to resume considering the charges against all five defendants.

Sources said last night that U.S. Magistrate Jean F. Dwyer had issued an arrest warrant in the case for Timothy Jones, who was identified as a brother of Sharon Jones.

They said Timothy Jones had been asked to surrender for questioning, but it could not be learned if he had done so.

Bryant said she first saw the man in the courtroom Tuesday, and then saw him talking with Sharon Jones as Bryant was leaving the courthouse Tuesday with fellow juror Jean Brown.

Bryant said she and Brown boarded a bus nearby. When it reached Union Station, she said, she noticed the man at the bus stop there and that he appeared to be looking for someone.

He let two other buses pass, and got on the bus Bryant was on, first sitting across from her and then moving to an adjacent seat, Bryant testified.

She said she suspected that the approach must have been planned because the man would have had to be driven to Union Station or to have jogged to get there before her bus.

She said she was surprised when he got off the bus behind her at 13th Street and Florida Avenue NE and began following her.

Bryant said he asked if she lived nearby, and later asked if she could tell him how the jury's deliberations were going.

" 'I'll give you anything. I'll give you anything you want,' " Bryant quoted the man as saying to her. " 'Please, please, let me give you my number and you call me tonight,' " Bryant said he continued.

She said she kept cutting him off and refused to tell the man about the case.

Brown testified that Bryant called her immediately after reaching home, and was upset and nearly crying.

All five defendants in the case are charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin in connection with an alleged scheme to buy five kilograms of 95 percent pure heroin from an undercover D.C. police officer.

Each also faces additional changes; for example, Sharon Jones is also charged with two firearms counts.

The jury began deliberating Tuesday after four weeks of testimony.

Defense attorney Allan M. Palmer, who represents the lead defendant, Steve Fafowora, argued in court that continuing deliberations with all defendants and all jurors meant that "the appearance of justice is gone from this matter."

He said the "bribery attempt" showed jurors that there was a "consciousness of guilt" by at least one defendant, which would taint the deliberations involving the other four.

Charles Chisholm, who represents Olufonso A. Yussef, told Green that only some of the jurors knew that the man who approached Bryant was associated with Jones and others might link the other defendants with the alleged bribery attempt.

But Green said her examination of the jurors had shown they would not be influenced by the incident.

"This is a most extraordinary jury," Green said. "I have seen nothing to show that any of these jurors cannot continue."