The following were among actions taken at the Nov. 18 meeting of the District of Columbia Board of Education. For more information, call 724-4222.

THEATRICAL AGE LIMITS -- The board endorsed a proposal by Mayor Marion Barry to eliminate the ban on performances by children under seven years of age on stage or in movies produced in the District.

Currently, children under age seven cannot be issued a permit to appear in theatrical or motion picture productions in the District. Because surrounding jurisdictions do not have such a requirement, the Mayor recommended eliminating the ban.

Because permits are issued by the school board, the Mayor sought board approval before submitting proposed legislation to the D.C. Council, which would have to approve the change for it to become law.

The board's committees on Rules, Personnel Policy and Legislation added conditions to the proposal. The requirement that the permit application be signed by a parent or guardian or agent was changed to parent or guardian and agent. In addition, the board required that a nurse be present during children's performances.

CONFERENCE ATTENDENCE COMMENDED -- The board presented commemorative notices to the 17 city schools with the highest percentage of parents who attended the First Annual City-Wide Parent Conference, held last month at the D.C. Convention Center to acquaint parents and educators.

District schools are divided into four geographic regions for administrative purposes. The winners and their regions are: Jefferson Junior High and McGogney, Amidon, and Draper Elementary schools, Region A; Shepherd, Takoma and Brightwood Elementary and Deal Junior High schools, Region B; Bunker Hill, Emery, Fort Lincoln and Burroughs Elementary schools, Region C; and Nalle, Maury, Brent Elementary and Kelly Miller Junior High schools, Region D.

Among the schools that draw students from the entire city, Bannecker Senior High had the highest attendance figures. The school system declined to release actual attendance figures for any of the schools.