Our annual fund-raising campaign on behalf of Children's Hospital runs for only two months a year. But in the most important way, it runs for 12.

Throughout the calendar, group donations come trickling into my mailbox. Here's a summary of what has trickled since late last January:

Fox Grove Holt-Elfquest Fan Club ($10).

Potomac Harmony Chorus, Sweet Adelines ($100).

Echo Electric Co. Inc., Silver Spring ($10).

House Page School ($25).

Staff, American Alliance for Health, Physical Eductaion, Recreation and Dance, Reston ($107).

Northern Virginia Artistic Skating Club ($25 in memory of Jennifer Johnson).

Staff of the Congressional Record Index ($136).

Running Brook Ladies Bridge Group ($25 in memory of June Schwenk and Erlene Dunn).

MSI Thunderbolts, a girls' soccer team from Montgomery County ($75).

Staff of Merry Go Round Toys, Middleburg ($25).

Office of the Inspector General and the Office of the Deputy Inspector General for Program Planning, Review Management, Department of Defense ($300).

O'Conor, Piper & Flynn/Casey, Suitland ($193).

Methodist Men, St. Paul's United Methodist Church, Kensington ($150).

Employes of Arlington Woodworking & Lumber Co. Inc. ($1,200).

Employes, U.S. Sentencing Commission ($20).

Chevy Chase Business and Professional Women's Club ($120).

Employes of Defense Systems Inc., McLean ($882).

Members of the Science and Technology Division of the Institute for Defense Analyses ($250).

Citizens of "Paxton County, Va." ($60).

Corporate Management Directorate, Naval Air Systems Command ($80).

Employes and patrons of Nickleby's Restaurant, Germantown ($105).

Aspen Hill Roy Rogers Breakfast Club ($30).

Packers and Stockyards Division of the Office of General Counsel, Department of Agriculture ($15).

Scope Bible Study Group, Bowie ($15).

Office for Victims of Crime, Justice Department ($75).

Submarine Monitoring, Maintenance and Support Program Office, Crystal City ($274.59).

Office of Facilities, Veterans Administration ($901).

L&M Produce Co. Inc., Jessup, Md. ($180).

Teachers, Hammond Junior High School, Alexandria ($45).

REMD/READ Divisions, Bureau of Economic Analysis ($31.19).

Southwest Wire Center-Network Operations, C&P Telephone ($56).

Downtown Wire Center-Network Operations, C&P Telephone ($77).

Proof department, Dominion Bank of Maryland ($10).

Jeanne Brotman, Sharon Goodson and Patty Webster Mary Kay Sales Units ($186).

Optical World, Fairfax ($285).

Robinson High School Junior Civitan Club ($25).

Staff, Whetstone Elementary School, Gaithersburg ($50).

Student Council, Bel Pre Elementary School, Silver Spring ($54.02).

SCA and students, Blue Ridge Middle School, Purcellville, Va. ($100).

Members of the Publishing Division of the Directorate of Administration, Headquarters, U.S. Air Force ($252).

Employes of Ted Britt Mazda, Fairfax ($1,500).

Staff and patients, Pediatric Clinic, Rader Clinic, Fort Myer ($35).

Chapter "H," P.E.O. Sisterhood ($150).

Upstuff Card and Gift Shop, Potomac ($50).

Student council, St. Patrick's Episcopal Day School ($25).

T.E.D.S. of Roundleaf Court, Reston ($65).

Staff of Hamburger Hamlet, Bethesda ($180).

Open Door Bible Class, First Baptist Church of Hyattsville ($25).

Staff, American Medical Equipment Corporation, Upper Marlboro ($65).

Employes, Office of Surface Mining, Department of the Interior ($240 in honor of Gordon Rose).

Society of Government Meeting Planners, National Capital Chapter ($120).

C3 Department, Advanced Digital Systems, Crystal City ($60).

Norman Price Post No. 68, The American Legion ($86).

Scarlet Ibis Women's Group ($135).

Civilian Personnel Office, HQ LABCOM/HDL ($75).

Carpenters Local No. 1665 ($25).

The Taft Group ($100).

Andrews FAA Control Tower-Human Relations Committee ($100).

Ewing and Associates ($25).

Vienna Chapter No. 1050, Women of the Moose ($100).

Chillum Holder Station, Prince George's Gas Corporation ($75).

Associates of The Artery Organization, Bethesda ($752).

Interstate Carriers Conference ($25 in honor of Bob Johnson).

Staff of the Naval Ordnance Station, Indian Head ($235).

TRW-Pricing, Fairfax ($115).

Customers of Piccard Carry-Out and Cafeteria, Rockville ($160 tossed into a countertop jar).

Sunday School, St. John's Lutheran Church, Alexandria ($90).

Catholic Youth Organization, St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Triangle, Va. ($48).

Haylofters Square Dance Club ($22).

Help Youth Club ($1,080.94).

IMF and BMF branches, Internal Revenue Service ($1,090.73).

Vacation Bible School of Falls Church Presbyterian Church ($98.12).

Eastern High School Class of 1942 ($15).

Radisson Park Terrace Hotel ($250.03 left in a donation basket beside the coffee urn in the lobby).

Scott-Johnson-Collins Post No. 9619, Ladies Auxiliary, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, Morningside, Md. ($50).

The Franklin Technical Society of Washington, D.C. ($1,370).

Staffers of Stanford Telecommunications Inc. ($1,000, with special thanks to James A. Haworth).

Many thanks, one and all.

Honest, gang, I have nothing against the Christmas and Hanukah cards they sell in the drug store. Nor do I carry a grudge against buying gifts for officemates.

But if you've seen one off-the-rack card, or one Whitman's Sampler, you've seen them all. That's why a lot of D.C. area office workers long ago developed a way to give a holiday gift that has real emotion behind it.

They forgo intraoffice cards and gifts and contribute what they would have spent to our Children's Hospital campaign instead.

If you and your fellow slaves have been looking for a way to mark the holidays, and to help kids in the process, you now know a method that has stood the test of time. TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE CAMPAIGN:

Make a check or money order payable to Children's Hospital and mail it to Bob Levey, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., 20071.