An election recount requested by District school board member Bettie Benjamin (Ward 5) ended yesterday with Benjamin losing her seat by a wider margin.

Angie Corley, a guidance counselor at McKinley High School, defeated Benjamin by 136 votes, eight more than in the first count. The final tally, conducted by city election officials, was 3,739 for Corley and 3,603 for Benjamin. Two other candidates trailed.

Corley will become a board member on Dec. 17 and will be sworn in at a meeting in January, said Carl Cannon, board secretary.

The changes in the count came because ballots that had been rejected by computer on election night were examined by hand. In a few cases, election officials could determine the intent of voters who had incorrectly punched holes or filled in the write-in line, said election board spokeswoman Leona Agouridis.

Agouridis said Benjamin will be billed for the cost of the recount, which would have been conducted without charge if the original margin of victory had been less than 1 percent of the vote. Although the cost has not been determined, Agouridis said it will likely be "not much more than the $850" that Benjamin had to deposit with the board.