The plan to make a major intersection with the new Rte. 32 and Trotter Road (east of Clarksville) is very disturbing to me as a taxpayer and as a resident of Trotter Road. There are not enough residents on the road to justify the cost of a connection to new Rte. 32. The reported traffic count must have included a lot of cars that cut through Trotter Road to avoid the delays in the traffic turning at the two intersections of Rtes. 32 and 108. Straightening 32 through Clarksville will eliminate a lot of the incentive for traveling on this narrow, winding road. This road serves the residents of the area very well and provides some good rural scenery for those who choose to enjoy it.

Trotter Road is not capable of handling the increased traffic that will result if the intersection is constructed. Upgrading the road will add considerable expense to the highway construction. This added expense would serve primarily to provide a speedway for those drivers who don't want to be delayed and wish to bypass Clarksville.

The State Highway Administration should give careful thought to this before determining that it must be done. NORMAN E. TYSON Clarksville