Because of an editing error, a Metro story yesterday incorrectly attributed information on the arrest Monday of a D.C. police officer to an internal U.S. attorney's office memo. Details on the arrest came from police officials. (Published 12/5/87)

A D.C. police vice officer who was involved in a drug case that was dropped in October after the disappearance of cocaine seized as evidence has been arrested and charged with possession of cocaine, drug paraphernalia and unregistered ammunition, D.C. police said last night.

Rodney Jones, 29, of 4431 Gault Place NE, a six-year member of the force, was arrested before dawn Monday along with a former D.C. officer in the 600 block of Anacostia Ave. NE, police said. Jones' police powers were revoked after a Sept. 18 urine test was confirmed positive for cocaine, according to an internal's office memo obtained by The Washington Post.

The former officer, Charles Eugene Buie, 34, of 1802 Irving St. NW, was charged with the same offenses.

Police said last night they were unable to give details of Buie's service.

Jones, an undercover officer who served in the 3rd District in central Northwest, was involved in the May 19 arrest of alleged drug dealer Johnnie Edwards, 24. Edwards was charged with distributing cocaine after allegedly selling five vials of crack, a purified form of the drug, to Jones and two other undercover officers, according to the memo.

Charges against Edwards were dismissed Oct. 8 because of "a mystery" surrounding the disappearance of four of the vials that "never made it into evidence" records, according to the Oct. 14 memo.

"To make matters worse, Rodney Jones, who received the four vials of crack from the defendent, has subsequently tested positive for cocaine. Given the substantial problems raised by this scenario, we decided not to proceed with the case," the memo states.

U.S. Attorney Joseph E. diGenova dropped nearly 400 drug cases in the neighboring 4th District in September after disclosure that a federal grand jury was investigating allegations that some vice squad members in that district stole drugs and cash seized during raids and arrests.