This is in reference to an article in the Maryland Weekly Nov. 26 concerning the temporary location of the Takoma Park post office.

I have lived in the 6700 block of New Hampshire Avenue in Takoma Park (P.G. side) for 11 years, and I've just about had it with the spoiled, nagging residents of Takoma Park (Montgomery County side). First of all, trying to get to the old location was as difficult for us as it seems to be for them to get to the new location now. Second, Takoma Park Councilman Paul D. d'Eustachio seems to be taking an inconvenient situation and trying to make it difficult to impossible. He says residents have to take a Ride-On to Fort Totten Metro station, then get the K-6 back up New Hampshire Avenue. The Ride-On buses don't go to Fort Totten. Why not take a Ride-On to Langley Park, transfer to the K-6, and get off almost at the door of the post office? Or take the F-2, Cheverly, at the Takoma Metro station and get off at New Hampshire and Eastern avenues? Both round trips total $1.60, not $4.20 as cited by Councilman d'Eustachio.

As for time of mail delivery, 98 percent of the time, our mail is delivered between 12:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. On rare occasions, it will come before noon and just as often, after 4 p.m. The temporary location of the post office hasn't changed that one bit. I'm on a fixed, limited income, but I still have mail to send out. It's refreshing for a change to be able to purchase two stamps without having to pay $1.60 to do it. We have senior citizens here who have to cope with whatever the situation is.

If the Takoma Park residents would take the energy they use to gripe and put it into going to the post office, the chore would not be as bad. We know it's a temporary situation, and we'll enjoy it the same way the Takoma Park residents on the Montgomery side enjoyed it on Maple Avenue for so many years.