The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has approved a School Board request to give nonteaching personnel a raise effective Jan. 1.

By a 5-to-2 vote with one member absent, the supervisors voted to transfer $218,400 from the county's undesignated fund balance to the School Board budget for the raises. Supervisors Tom Dodson and James Bernell (I-Blue Ridge) cast the dissenting votes.

"The reason I voted against the fund transfer was the timing of the request," explained Bernell.

"I agree as much as the proponents that the classified {nonteaching} group needs a pay raise. But I feel strongly that this is an item that should be addressed at budget time in the spring."

The salary raises will average 3 1/2 to 4 percent, but will vary according to position and seniority from approximately 16 percent at the low end of the pay scale to 1 percent at the top, said Robert Jarvis, deputy superintendent of schools.

The School Board requested funds for classified personnel salary raises on June 12 when it asked for $390,000 to make raises effective July 1. This was after the supervisors had already approved the budget for fiscal 1988, according to Kirby Bowers, director of the county's budget and management services.

The supervisors decided to wait until they had seen final audited figures for the county's available fund balance, which was not until last month, said Bowers.

On Monday the School Board again applied for a transfer of $390,000 so it could make salary raises retroactive to July 1.

"But we also said if they could not see to give us the whole total, to give us 56 percent of it so the raises could go into effect Jan. 1, which they did," Jarvis said. "At least this transfer establishes a new base from which we can budget salaries for next year."

Loudoun County employs 538 classified personnel in its school system, which has 31 schools. Classified personnel includes secretaries, custodians, maintenance crew and aides. The current entry-level salary for a secretary is $10,579 a year.