The wife of the new Baltimore mayor is speaking out about a plague in the city -- the high rate of teen pregnancies.

Patricia Schmoke, the wife of Baltimore MayorGrapevine items were compiled by Jo-Ann Armao, Lisa Leff and the Associated Press. Kurt L. Schmoke and a successful ophthalmologist with two children, has begun working with teens. It is a problem she feels deeply about because years ago she was an unwed, pregnant teen-ager herself.

Now she is eager to encourage young mothers to get an education, work hard to pursue the careers they choose and avoid a second pregnancy.

"I think it's important they have good self-esteem and they are able to accomplish something: Try to finish school, go out and get a job and set a good example for their children so they don't become totally dependent on public assistance and have their children wind up in the same trap," she said.

Patricia Schmoke said she was on the fast track to a college career when she became pregnant her senior year in high school.

Then Patricia Locks, the daughter of a well-known East Baltimore funeral director, she met Kurt Schmoke on a blind date during the summer after her first year of medical school in Florida.

After marrying Schmoke, she transferred to the University of Maryland School of Medicine. She now heads an outpatient eye clinic in Baltimore.

A classic White Tower fast-food joint -- one of the few remaining outlets from the era of the 5-cent hamburger -- is joining Baltimore's museum collection.

White Tower's No. 8 restaurant, in downtown Baltimore across from a vacant Greyhound bus station, closed its doors Sept. 30 after 39 years of operation.

The Trombrock Corp., which established and runs the White Tower chain, agreed to donate the gleaming white restaurant, considered a prime example of "moderne" architecture, to Baltimore City Life Museums.

The material from White Tower No. 8 will be used to create an exhibit at a center depicting life in Baltimore after World War II.

Museum officials said they do not know where the center, scheduled to open in 1990, will be located. The former restaurant site will be used to extend a nearby park.