Former TV evangelist Jim Bakker, stripped of his ordination by the Assemblies of God, has secured new ministerial credentials from the Faith Christian Fellowship International, based in Tulsa.

The church "has recognized the call of God on my life and recognized my ordination," Bakker said. A church spokesman said Bakker was given credentials after he completed a brief training program and paid a fee.

Bakker, who was ousted from the PTL ministries he founded after an adulterous encounter, said he believes he is still called by God to be a minister.

"If God wants Jim and Tammy back at PTL, no one will stop it," he said. "We would like to see PTL restored, to help restore it."

Under Assemblies of God rules, Bakker could not regain his ministerial standing until he repents of his sins and undergoes a five-year restoration process.

A spokesman for the Faith Christian Fellowship said the church has "a fairly rigid set of requirements" for ordination, including education and moral standards.

PTL, currently under direction of a U.S. Bankruptcy Court, is also facing a suit by the IRS to revoke its tax status and millions of dollars in claims from persons who invested in time-sharing vacation accommodations.