The following were among actions taken at the Dec. 10 meeting of the City of Manassas Park School Board. For more information, call 361-9107.

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PLAN -- The board unanimously approved a $1.034 million capital improvement plan for fiscal years 1989-1994 for the 1,400-student, five-school system.

If the plan is approved by the city council, the following are among projects that would be scheduled for 1989:

Building a $555,000 multipurpose room to be used as a cafeteria and for assemblies at Manassas Park High School;

Installing air conditioning at Manassas Park Elementary School at a cost of $66,700;

Purchasing an additional school bus and installing a running track at Manassas Park High School.

The plan also calls for replacing a roof over a vocational wing and repaving the parking lot at Manassas Park High School in 1989. The funds for those two improvements would come from from the city's capital improvement funds, rather than capital improvement funds allocated to the school board.

The city council was expected to take action on the plan Tuesday.

STUDENTS EXPELLED -- The board, acting in executive session, decided to expel four students from the school system for "repeat offenses" in breaking the student conduct code. The explusion marks the first time that more than one student has been expelled in one year from the system.

Under state law, the names of the students and the reason for the explusions are confidential.