A federal judge in Alexandria sentenced adult book store owner Dennis E. Pryba yesterday to three years in prison and a fine of $75,000 for his racketeering convictions last month stemming from the sale of obscene videotapes and magazines.

Pryba's wife Barbara, also convicted of racketeering, was given a three-year suspended sentence and a $200,000 fine by U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III, who said he did not want to separate her from her 13-year-old son by sending her to jail.

Imposition of yesterday's sentences was postponed pending the couple's appeal of their convictions and the forfeiture of their entire business, including inventories of tapes and magazines not found obscene by a court.

Ellis said he had taken this forfeiture, permitted after racketeering convictions, into account when setting sentences for the couple.

The Prybas, both 45, were convicted Nov. 10 on three counts of racketeering and seven counts of interstate transportation of obscene materials after a jury found that several sexually explicit magazines and videotapes sold in their stores were obscene.

Ellis also sentenced Dennis Pryba to an additional 55 years in prison, all suspended, five years' probation and 300 hours of community service. He ordered his fine paid within six months of release from prison.

Ellis called his sentence a lenient one, given the fact that Pryba has "a 23-year-history of selling smut" as evidenced by prior convictions under state laws. "I do not regard pornography as victimless crime," the judge said. "It is a degrading form of expression."

Barbara Pryba also was sentenced to an additional 34 years in prison, all suspended, three years' probation and 500 hours of community service. The judge ordered her fine paid in monthly installments, adding: "I urge you, Mrs. Pryba, to find employment in some wholesome area."

"I think the court was fair" in its sentencing, Dennis Pryba said yesterday. "But I am appealing {the convictions} and hope I don't have to go to jail at all."

Federal marshals are liquidating the Prybas' confiscated assets, putting the proceeds into an escrow account, pending appeal. Ellis denied defense counsels' request to postpone sale of the business until the appeal is heard.

The only items federal marshals will not sell are sexually explicit tapes and magazines. Ellis ordered these goods to be stored because, he said, the government should not sell such materials.

A Pryba-owned firm, Educational Books Inc. of Upper Marlboro, which was convicted on two racketeering counts, was fined $200,000 yesterday.

Barbara Pryba's sister, Jennifer Williams, 38, of Woodbridge, who worked as a bookkeeper for Educational Books, is to be sentenced Monday. She was convicted on two racketeering counts and seven counts of interstate transportation of obscene materials.