Ya know, I am getting a little weary of people dumping on Rose Crenca, as evidenced by the letters from Pat Singer and others who write to The Post.

Rose Crenca is still a civic activist for Silver Spring, and she shows her deep interest in our community by her votes. I am a charitable person and therefore assume that the people who are in the Takoma-Silver Spring Traffic Coalition (oops! -- I forgot they changed it to Silver Spring-Takoma Traffic Coalition) want the best for downtown Silver Spring. Did the coalition have any firm or individual standing by who would have been able to put together the plans the coalition wants for Silver Spring? Or is the coalition willing to wait forever for such a firm or individual to come forth in the distant future?

I know that they say they are concerned about future traffic in their "neighborhoods." The county transportation department has come up with some good ideas to avoid traffic problems. Why doesn't the coalition consider these carefully?

We all know that before the first shovel of earth is turned over in downtown Silver Spring, it will be at least five years. Some of the coalition members will have moved elsewhere by that time, based on their patterns to date. If traffic does increase, won't that mean the renewal of downtown Silver Spring is successful? And isn't that what everyone wants?

I have lived in Silver Spring for more than 36 years, and in the past I have had a great deal of admiration for Neal Potter. His vote against renewal was a disappointment to me. I voted for him many times. I also voted for Isaiah Leggett in the past election, and his vote was a disappointment to me. But I am not going to dump on them and threaten them as the coalition threatens Rose Crenca.

No one can predict the future. We all know that. But let's give Silver Spring a chance. MOLLY W. ROCHE Silver Spring