Xerox Realty Corp.'s concept for Lansdowne, its planned 2,267-acre mixed-use residential and commercial community near Leesburg, is moving closer to reality.

Since breaking ground for the development May 26, builders for the company have laid more than a mile of roads and water lines for a 518-acre corporate center, the first stage.

Several companies are negotiating with Xerox Realty to build offices in the corporate center on 15 lots, which vary from six to 60 acres, said Cathleen Magennis, Lansdowne's development director.

This week company officials are interviewing architects for a championship golf course to be constructed around the corporate center. A 350,000-square-foot executive conference center, to be built and managed by an outside company under Xerox Realty's guidelines, is also planned for 32 acres of the corporate center.

When finished, the corporate center is expected to have more than 4 million square feet of office space.

"The intent here is not to sell ground to people who want to sit on it and let it appreciate," Magennis explained. "We could easily sell every site tomorrow if we wanted to sell them to speculators. But we have very little motivation to do that. We would rather sell the sites when there is a specific need for the construction of buildings. This land is for company regional or national headquarters in a nice campus-like environment." Golf course and office block construction in the corporate center could begin as early as next spring, according to Magennis.

Road construction began about two months ago with the widening of Rte. 7 at the entrance to Lansdowne.

Since then, about 1 1/4 miles of road have been laid from the entrance of Lansdowne to the corporate center. Curbs and medians also have been built.

The completed roads make up about one third of the planned road system for the corporate center, according to Bob Silva, Lansdowne's field operations supervisor.

Included in the completed section of roadway through the center is part of the Grand Concourse, a three-lane, 50 mph road that will make a loop through the middle of Lansdowne and have arteries leading off to each of the community's business and residential centers.

Water lines have also been laid alongside the paved areas in the corporate center. If needed, water connections can be made to any of the lots in the center.

When finished, Lansdowne will include the corporate center; an office center consisting of banks, stores and other businesses serving the corporate center; a mixed-use town center development bordering on a 60-acre lake; three residential communities containing 1,830 single- and multifamily units; a country club with an 18-hole golf course; public parks, and recreational facilities.

The next project for Lansdowne's contractors, according to Magennis, is to build a show place entranceway to the development.

Construction is on schedule at Lansdowne, which Xerox officials say they expect to be completed within 20 years.