The following actions were taken at the Dec. 16 meeting of the Prince William County School Board. For more information, call 791-7200.

TUITION POLICY REVISED -- The School Board, by a 6 to 1 vote, revised its nonresident tuition policy for families who want to enroll their children in school before they become county residents.

The change permits new students to enroll in the schools without paying nonresident tuition if the parents can prove that settlement has been completed on purchase of a home in the county and that they plan to move in within 20 days.

A deposit of approximately $222 for 20 days of tuition, which would be returned if the move is made within 20 days, would be charged at the time of enrollment.

Board Member Patricia Cusey, citing concerns about additional paperwork the change could generate for school staff, cast the dissenting vote.

The revision was prompted by a family who camped out in the Prince William Forest Park for 14 days in September to establish county residency and avoid tuition fees.

Army Maj. Mark McAvoy bought a house in the county Aug. 27, but could not move in until Sept. 26. The 14-day nonresident tuition for his two older children would have been $322.

There are 12 nonresident students paying tuition in the county, school officials said.

EMPLOYE RELATIONS COMMITTEE FORMED -- The Board unanimously approved the formation of an employe relations advisory committee to examine human rights and equality issues and to study equal employment opportunity goals for the school system.

The committee would be comprised of the superintendent, members appointed by each of the seven school board members, one to two representatives appointed at large and five school staff members.

SAUNDERS NAME TO TRANSFER TO NEW SCHOOL -- The board unanimously approved the transfer of the name Herbert J. Saunders, long time county educator, to a new middle school being constructed on Spriggs Road in the Montclair area.

The staff, equipment and majority of the student population at the existing Saunders Middle School on Cardinal Drive will be moved to the new school later next year. The building is to be converted into a county human services center.