Parking lots filled to overflowing at National Airport and only a small number of spaces remained available at Dulles International Airport yesterday as the holiday travel rush resumed, officials reported. Parking spaces are expected to be a scarce commodity again today, officials said.

David Hess, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, advised airline passengers to use public transportation to the airports today, to have someone drop them off or to call ahead before driving themselves.

For information on parking and traffic at Dulles, call 471-4242; for National, call 684-7766.

Hess said that buses will carry passengers from airport parking lots to the terminals and suggested that people driving travelers to the airports try to drop them off in lots 2 or 3 at National or at any of the lots at Dulles.

"We're bursting at the seams," said National operations officer Michael Cheston, adding that automobile traffic around the airport was experiencing "peaks and valleys" through the day. Based on flight bookings, Cheston said, today is expected to be even busier.

Meanwhile, the operations manager at Baltimore-Washington International Airport described yesterday as "a typical Saturday" and said travelers are likely to find ample parking at BWI today. For information about parking at BWI, call 261-1000 from the Washington area or 859-8981 from Baltimore.