A Sears security officer and a man being pursued in connection with an alleged shoplifting incident were fatally injured last night when they were struck by a hit-and-run driver as they struggled on Landover Road, Prince George's County Police reported.

A second security officer was injured in the 5 p.m. incident, in which police said the two guards were trying to handcuff the man when all three were struck by a van.

Rescue personnel said a handcuff was around one of the man's wrists when they arrived at the scene of the incident just outside Landover Mall.

The security officer who was killed was identified as Victor Bernard Suber, 26, of Upper Marlboro. The injured security officer was identified as Charles Mallory Edgar, 25, of Bowie.

Police said late last night that the man who had been pursued by the guards had not been identified. They described him as a bearded man who appeared to be in his twenties and was wearing a blue T-shirt, blue jeans and a blue and maroon sweat jacket.

"It's a terrible situation and I feel sorry for the families," said Michael Morel, regional security manager for Sears.

Morel said Suber had worked as a guard at Sears for about two years. He said he believed that Edgar was "relatively new."

According to police, the guards pursued a man from the Sears store at the mall to Landover Road, which is on the southern edge of the shopping center.

Rescue personnel from the Kentland volunteer fire department said the two fatally injured victims were found about 25 feet apart in the westbound lanes of Landover Road near Brightseat Road.

Ed Lehan, a Kentland fire department deputy chief, said the man with the handcuff on his wrist was found near the middle of Landover Road, about 250 feet east of the intersection with Brightseat.

He said it appeared that the man's hips and legs had been crushed.

Lehan said that Suber was found closer to a curb. He had apparently received a head injury, Lehan said.

Edgar was seated on the curb when rescue personnel arrived, Lehan said.

He had apparently received a leg injury, according to Lehan.

Glass that may have come from a vehicle's headlight was found on the roadway, the fire official said.

Police said Suber and the unidentified man were pronounced dead at Prince George's Hospital Center shortly after the incident.

Edgar was released from Prince George's Doctors Hospital after treatment for minor injuries, police said.

Edgar could not be reached for comment last night.

Employes of the Landover Mall Sears store declined to discuss the incident, and it was not known what merchandise may have been involved in the alleged shoplifting incident.

Police said they were looking for a light brown or beige van, with black or dark blue horizontal stripes on the side, in connection with the alleged shoplifting. The van may have been occupied by at least one man in his late teens or early twenties and was last seen headed toward Sheriff Road after the incident.

Staff writer Jeffrey Yorke contributed to this report.