The skinless arm of a white male was found outside a Woodbridge fast food restaurant during the weekend, Prince William County police said yesterday.

The arm, found by the manager of the Featherstone Square McDonald's when she arrived for work early Saturday, was taken to the Northern Virginia medical examiner's office in Fairfax, police said. Medical examiner James Beyer said that textbook surgical procedures were followed in removing the arm from its torso, police reported.

Authorities said they do not believe that foul play was involved. A search of the area around the McDonald's revealed no additional human remains, police said.

Adding to the likelihood that the arm was removed by a professional or medical student was the fact that it was skinless, resembling what is depicted in medical textbooks, one police source said.

Authorities said they plan to check with medical schools and places such as laboratories and funeral homes to see if any human body parts are missing. In addition, other police departments have been contacted to see if human remains have been found recently.

Employes at the Featherstone Square McDonald's were interviewed Saturday by police, who said they found nothing suspicious. Employes declined to comment on the case yesterday.