BALTIMORE, DEC. 28 -- A Baltimore woman was shot Sunday night in a crowded Inner Harbor movie theater showing the popular Eddie Murphy film "Raw," after her companion asked a man blocking their view to move.

The shooting follows incidents of violence Dec. 20 at three other theaters, all in the Los Angeles area, where "Raw" was showing. One man was fatally shot, another was stabbed and outside a third theater, police broke up a late-night crowd of 1,500 revelers for the opening of the Murphy movie.

In the Baltimore incident, the gunman fled after firing a handgun two to five times in a dispute with a companion of the woman, police said, setting off brief pandemonium as the theater's nearly 200 patrons poured out onto nearby streets.

The woman, identified as Delores Ann Curtis, 23, of Baltimore, was hit twice in the legs. She was reported in good condition today at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Police said Curtis and two companions, Joseph Lockett, 26, and Shawn Baker, 26, both of Baltimore, were seated in the back row of the theater, watching the R-rated comedy when two men stepped in front of them, blocking their view.

According to police, when Lockett tapped one of the men on the shoulder and asked him to move, the man whirled around and said, "Don't touch me. You ain't got to touch me. Don't touch me no more."

The man then stepped back, police said, pulled out a handgun and fired at least two shots, striking Curtis in both legs. The gunman and his companion then fled out a rear exit of the theater.

A police spokesman said Curtis and her companions apparently did not know the assailant.

The theater is one of a cluster of eight theaters in the Harbor Park entertainment complex two blocks from Baltimore's popular Inner Harbor. The theaters have been showing a variety of movies ranging from "Raw" and "Fatal Attraction" to the G-rated family story "Pinocchio."

In the California incidents, a 21-year-old man was fatally shot in the chest by an unidentified man near the snack bar of the Rosecrans Drive-In in suburban Los Angeles County where "Raw" had just opened Dec. 20.

At about the same time, another man was stabbed in the chest and three suspects arrested during what police called a gang fight involving about 60 people at a screening of "Raw" at a theater in nearby Monrovia.

And in Westwood Village near the University of California at Los Angeles, police dispersed a rowdy crowd of 1,500 persons gathered outside a theater featuring "Raw."