A woman who claims she suffered permanent injuries from an overdose of painkiller she took as a result of wrong instructions supplied by a pharmacist who filled her prescription at a Falls Church drugstore is suing Peoples Drug Stores Inc. and the pharmacist for $3 million.

According to a document filed in Fairfax Circuit Court this week, after Madeline McMillen fell and injured herself in February, her doctor issued a prescription for 30 500-milligram tablets of Dolobid to be taken once every 12 hours.

When the prescription was filled at the Peoples Drug Store at 8124 Arlington Blvd., a pharmacist wrote on the label that McMillen should "take one tablet every two hours as needed for pain," the document says.

McMillen, whose address is not given in the document, followed those directions for two days before she was hospitalized with internal bleeding and kidney failure, according to the lawsuit. She was hospitalized for about six months and entered a coma, then was placed in a nursing home, where she is expected to remain for the rest of her life, the suit states.

Peoples' chief operating officer, David Eisenberg, said he was not aware of the lawsuit and declined to comment. The store's manager said the pharmacist had no comment either.