The following were among the actions taken by the Vienna Town Council at its Dec. 21 meeting. For more information, call 255-6330.

BLAIR ROAD DRAINAGE -- The Town Council approved a drain pipe extension to prevent flooding on two private properties along Blair Road that are used by pedestrians as a shortcut to Peterson Lane Park.

Public Works Director John Stockton said the owners of the lots have allowed the public to use them to walk to the park. But council member Vincent Olson said that flooding makes this route "a muddy marsh" in wet weather.

The council decided to extend the pipe about 170 feet to an existing drainage ditch, so its outflow will no longer flood the lots.

The council turned down an initial public works department recommendation to hire an outside contractor to install a concrete pipe extension, which was estimated to cost $37,500. The council decided to install less-durable corrugated aluminum pipe, estimated to cost about $6,000 to install.

SEWER CONNECTION FEES -- The council approved a technical change in the way it charges fees to commercial developers for connecting new buildings to sewer systems. The changes will make the town's fee system similar to that of Fairfax County.

The new schedule may result in a "slight" increase in the fees charged to large developments, Olson said, but this was not the primary purpose of the change -- which is to simplify fee calculation.