My-K Laboratories has recalled several of its nonprescription cold remedies because they may contain a potentially fatal tranquilizer.

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture's Food and Drug Protection Division said Thursday the drug, bearing Lot Number 15718 and with an expiration date of 12/88, could prove fatal, particularly if swallowed by a child.

It said the cold medicine is sold under the names of Myfed Syrup, Lif-Line Trifed Syrup, URL Uni-Fed Syrup, Walgreen Wal-Act Syrup, and Osco Aphedrid Syrup.

The NCDA said about 105,000 white plastic bottles of the cold medicine have been distributed throughout the United States. It is not known how many contain the wrong drug.

FDA Commissioner Frank Young urged that all My-K cold medicines purchased in the last year be checked, and packages that are lot number 15718 of the recalled brands be promptly returned to the point of purchase.

The NCDA said the mixup was detected when a 6-year-old boy became lethargic after taking a My-K cold medicine.

The child was taken to a clinic at Fort Bragg, N.C., and then to the University of North Carolina Medical Center, where he was recovering.