All the reports are not in, but it looks as though an infant born at Baltimore's Mercy Hospital to a Landover woman was the first born in 1988 in Maryland.

Anita Kent delivered her infant son, whom she has not named, just at the stroke of midnight. Kent, who lives in Landover, did not have much to say about her child's distinctive beginnings but did say she hopes he remains healthy.

"I hope it means that God will bless him for me," she said.

The baby weighed 5 pounds, 2 ounces.

The state's second child, Sheena Genae Johnson, was born at Maryland General Hospital in Baltimore 40 seconds later.

Friday, the infant wore a bib bearing the phrase "First To Celebrate in '88."

Her mother, Gisele, 22, is a clerk at the Social Security Administration and lives in Baltimore.

Ten minutes after midnight, Charlie Wang was born at St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore. His mother, Menyan, explained that 1987 was the Year of the Rabbit on the Chinese calendar, which was okay for a girl but less favorable for a boy.

"All Chinese people like to have a baby in a dragon year," said the infant's father Linqun, adding the dragon stands for good fortune, power and authority.

The Wangs arrived in the United States from Shanghai five years ago. On Friday, the family was on the telephone to relatives in China about the birth of their son.