The woman who helped get Montgomery County Executive Sidney Kramer elected has turned her energies to the presidential race -- but the candidate she is backing is not the choice of her boss.

Susan Hoffmann, who managed Kramer's 1986 campaign and is now one of the county's lobbyists in Annapolis, joined other county officials this week in endorsing Sen. Paul Simon (D-Ill.). Kramer, in what was an early endorsement in the state, stepped out for Massachusetts Gov. Michael S. Dukakis and is cochairman of Dukakis' Maryland campaign.

Hoffmann will be Simon's deputy campaign manager for the county. Hoffmann said she had told Kramer, who she said is also a friend, that she was leaning toward Simon. No, she said, he didn't try to dissuade her, nor did he try to talk her into supporting Dukakis. In fact, she said, "I am hoping if I play my cards right that {Kramer} might Grapevine items were written by Jo-Ann Armao and the Associated Press. vote for me {as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention} even though I am part of the 'opposition.' "

Among the 12 elected officials endorsing Simon were County Council member Neal Potter, state delegates Patty Sher, Nancy Kopp, Michael Gordon, Sen. Idamae Garrott and Barnesville Mayor Elizabeth Tolbert. One day after the Simon press conference, the Dukakis forces announced that their slate of convention delegates will be lead by former congressman Michael Barnes and state Sen. Margaret Schweinhaut.

A man with a toy pistol tried to rob a woman in downtown Baltimore early Monday morning, but he failed when she turned out to be an FBI agent with a real gun, authorities reported.

Special Agent Roberta Parker, 31, was walking near her home about 1 a.m. when a man pointed a gun at her and demanded money. Parker took out her service revolver instead, said she was with the FBI and ordered the man to drop his weapon. Ivan E. Lewis, 27, of Baltimore was charged with attempted armed robbery, police said.