In her Dec. 17 letter to the editor, Patricia Martin, president of the Montgomery County chapter of the National Organization for Women, gave a number of reasons why she thinks Gov. William Donald Schaefer ought to prefer abortion to adoption. My two adopted children think adoption is preferable to abortion. For once a woman becomes pregnant, she has within her a new human being who also has rights that must be considered.

It is both improper and unwise for the state to promote abortions. Abortions kill innocent human beings. No pro-abortionist has ever disproved this critical fact, and neither has Patricia Martin or any other member of NOW. This debate, of course, is far from settled, but while it continues, the right of unborn children not to be killed must be given the benefit of the doubt, particularly where tax revenues are involved.

Patricia Martin appears to want us to believe that a government's refraining from subsidizing a woman's preference is the same as its forcing her "to serve as an involuntary brood mare." This is nonsense. Moreover, it is a very harsh public policy to force those who believe abortion is murder to pay for it. No woman has a right to force anyone to give her money to help her kill her unborn child. So how does it follow that she has a right to use the state as her agent to force compliance?


National Coordinator, Libertarians for Life