You group givers must be turning directly to the comic pages and skipping the A section. Don't you guys know that the economy has the shakes? That the dollar has the willies? That the deficit is beginning to look like Levey's waistline?

Apparently you don't -- and a good thing. The mailbox continues to fill up with generous group donations to our annual fund-raising campaign on behalf of Children's Hospital. The latest filler-uppers:

The employes, the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission ($2,182.26, the 13th year that we've gotten a gift from these folks).

ViaTech Systems Inc. and its employes ($328).

Trajectory and Tracking Analysis Section (Code 554.2), Goddard Space Flight Center ($105).

A joint gift from Maxima Computer Systems, Nyma Inc. and Aries Corp. ($180).

"The girls" at the Mill End Shops, Fairfax City ($30).

Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery staff, Alexandria Hospital ($36.88).

"A group of friends" from Wootton, Churchill and Richard Montgomery high schools ($70 from Christmas caroling).

Cub Scout Den 4, Pack 683, Springfield ($21.60).

Synon Inc., Falls Church ($250).

Rose Marie Lanpher's third graders, Westbriar School, Vienna ($88).

Office of inspector general, Northeast Region-Audit, U.S. Department of Agriculture ($200).

The staff, Office of Administration and National Capital Administrative Support Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ($65).

Production manager's staff, Room C-726, Government Printing Office ($150).

The three sixth grades at Kenilworth Elementary School, Bowie ($34.30).

Time Realty, Ranson, W.Va. ($50).

Sears, Roebuck and Co. Corporate Governmental Affairs Office ($70).

The employes, Reston Purchasing Department, Unisys Corp. ($101).

Office of Water Regulations and Standards, Environmental Protection Agency ($129).

The coffee mess, Network Operations Branch (Code 534), Goddard Space Flight Center ($500).

Navy Publishing and Printing Service Management Office ($270.15).

The employes, AGS Genasys Corp., Rockville ($362.50).

Office of Employment and Unemployment Statistics, Bureau of Labor Statistics ($59).

Calculon Corp., Technical Services Group, Germantown ($436, with a special salute to these first-time contributors).

TRW Facilities ($90).

Employes, Office of Highway Safety, Federal Highway Administration ($50).

1980-1981 Association of Matrons and Patrons, Order of the Eastern Star of the District of Columbia ($115).

The employes, National League of Postmasters and Postmasters Benefit Plan, Alexandria ($340 donated by Laurie Ruxer after she won a Christmas drawing).

The Tuesday Keglers, who "keggle" at Falls Church Bowl America ($116.21).

Employes, Office of Highway Safety, Federal Highway Administration, Room 3401 ($190)

Mount Vernon Realty Inc., Accounting Department ($115).

The staff in Employee Communications, Amtrak ($40).

Employes, Information Processing Division (Code 560), Goddard Space Flight Center ($100).

The staff, Taylor Elementary School, Arlington ($131).

John T. Stewart's fourth grade, Room 120, Cresthaven Elementary School, Silver Spring ($9).

Management, Aircraft Operations and Safety and the Business Resources Department, Force Directorate, NATC, Patuxent River, Md. ($210).

Suzanne Creehan's and Pam Tiffany's second grade, Neabsco Elementary School, Woodbridge ($88.92).

Class of 1942, U.S. Military Academy ($100).

Consumer Affairs Office, Small Business Administration ($25).

The employes, Army and Air Force Mutual Aid Association ($121).

The employes, Parklawn Cemetery, Rockville ($140 in honor of Norman Marlowe, Brian Marlowe and Jack Gajewski).

Girls Friday Bowling League from Centreville Fair Lanes ($76).

The staff, Research and Information Systems Division, Office of Medical Services, Central Intelligence Agency ($100).

GHT Ltd., Arlington ($96.50, half from the company, half from the employes).

Springmann & Associates, Fort Washington ($100).

The employes, Office of Municipal Pollution Control, Environmental Protection Agency ($188, and a special merci beaucoup to this bunch for making a donation for 15 years in a row).

The Information Center, International Brotherhood of Teamsters ($22).

Patti Scott's second grade, Neabsco Elementary School, Woodbridge ($40)

Shady Grove Texaco, Gaithersburg ($200).

Folding Room employes, Office of the Doorkeeper, U.S. Congress ($250).

Employes, Clean Sites Inc., Alexandria ($190).

Staff members, Transportation Research Board, National Academy of Sciences ($730, marking the 22nd consecutive donation by this loyal gang -- wonderful!).

Customers and employes, Rowley-Scher Reprographics Inc. ($1,350).

Employes, Disabled American Veterans National Service and Legislative Headquarters ($1,025, the eighth year in a row this bunch has been heard from).

The staff, American Geophysical Union ($97).

Annandale Christmas Carolers ($17.50, and thanks to Jennifer Richmond, Robin Huckaby, Devlin Henderson, Heather Lunburg, Limi Perry, Amy Weinholt and Eric Czernikow).

The employes, Potomac Branch, Prince William Public Library, Woodbridge ($180).

House of Musical Traditions, Takoma Park ($199.32).

Employes, The Charles E. Smith Cos. ($1,605).

Parents, children and friends of Carlin Hall Playschool ($255 in honor of Debbie Meiselman).

The residents, Bethesda Retirement and Nursing Center ($339.55).

Olsson's, Georgetown ($125).

The Control Group, Northern Telecom, McLean ($295).

The daywork staff, Public Safety Communication Center, Fairfax County Police Department ($270).

Bell Atlantic ER&F ($68.05).

Department W-94, Mitre Corp. ($100).

The staff, Computer Operations, Mount Vernon Realty, Alexandria ($75).

The Music Lobby and friends ($255.90 from a downtown caroling session).

"All the employes," Midas China & Silver ($1,222).

Employes, Gordon & Greenberg Inc., Baileys Crossroads ($185).

Parents, Country Woodland School, Springfield ($80.36 instead of buying gifts for the staff).

Boy Scout Troop 701, Bowie ($104 from a caroling session).

Really great! Many thanks to all. TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE CAMPAIGN:

Make a check or money order payable to Children's Hospital and mail it to Bob Levey, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., 20071.