Jim Riles and Jack O'Neill, the most recent appointees to the Prince William County Planning Commission, apparently believe that modesty is the best policy.

Riles, Hilda M. Barg's appointee to the commission, said, "She had to scrape the bottom of the barrel. She chose me."

Riles, who was Democrat Barg's campaign manager in her successful race for the Woodbridge supervisor's job, said he doesn't have any "preordained philosophy" where planning is concerned.

Riles, 61, said he is old enough to know "you can't put anything in concrete."

O'Neill, 45, said he has no particular expertise in planning either.

"I've lived here 18 years and I've watched the county for 18 years of growth," he said. "I've attended many Planning Commission meetings . . . . I thought I could contribute, and spoke to Terry Spellane {I-Coles} about it. Lo and behold, surprise! He appointed me."

Riles and O'Neill will serve four-year terms.

You've heard the slogan "This Bud's for You"?

A Woodbridge cabdriver says that last week he got a Bud he could definitely have done without.

Richard Orr, 54, told police he picked up a patron about 9 one night last week at a Woodbridge motel. Orr said his rider was carrying a small bag and wanted to be taken to Stafford County.

During the ride, Orr told police later, his patron hit him in the head with the contents of his paper sack.

The weapon? A Budweiser beer can, police said.

Jeffrey M. Everett, 27, of 20 Susan St. in Stafford has been charged with malicious wounding in the case.

He faces a Jan. 22 preliminary hearing in General District Court.

The school administration offices at Independent Hill may be the only county facility with its own band.

About a year ago, 10 women who staff the facility's cafeteria started "The Kitchen Klankers," which plays well-known tunes on a collection of sieves, spoons, empty peanut butter tins and whisks.

That's the percussion section. The melody is provided by an electronic keyboard played by Sandy Swails, coordinator of food service. A five-gallon bucket with a mop attached serves as a bass fiddle.

According to cafeteria manager Linda Fitchett, the group plays just for fun, and seldom performs publicly, although the band did play holiday tunes for the children at Independent Hill School before Christmas.