A 16-year-old Landover Hills youth was convicted of attempted second-degree murder yesterday and his 18-year-old Southeast Washington friend was convicted of assault in a schoolyard fight that began with a dispute over a $95 pair of designer sunglasses and ended in the shooting of a member of the Fairmont Heights High School football team.

After two days of testimony and almost nine hours of deliberation, the Prince George's County jury found Derrick Wellington Robinson also guilty of assault with intent to murder and disable, use of a handgun in commission of a crime of violence, assault and carrying a handgun on public school property.

It acquitted his codefendant, Timothy James Jackson Jr. of the four major charges but found him guilty of two counts of assault and one count of carrying a gun on public school property.

Shot in the June incident was Dwight Freeland of Hyattsville. Freeland has recovered from his wounds and played football for Fairmont Heights again last fall.

The shooting was one of a rash of incidents involving youths and handguns in the District and Prince George's County.

The June 5 shooting occurred around lunchtime after some junior high students, one of them wearing E.K. sunglasses, wandered onto the rear parking lot of the school.

According to trial testimony, student Gregory Hall talked about taking the sunglasses from the unidentified youngster, who enlisted Jackson's help.

A fight between Hall and Jackson ensued. Derrick Robinson, according to testimony, gave a gun to Jackson who brandished it at Hall, a teacher and a school guard, but did not shoot.

Hall and Andre Freeland, Dwight's younger brother, ran across the schoolyard. Andre stopped, and Jackson and Andre then fought.

Dwight Freeland then went to the aid of his younger brother and tried to break up the fight. A youth handed another gun to Robinson, according to testimony, who then shot Dwight Freeland.

Assistant State's Attorney Sheila Tillerson, in prosecuting the case, said proving intent to murder is difficult when the victim survives.

She said the quarrel over the sunglasses was "not related to the actual shooting."

Two juveniles remain to be tried in the incident.

Sentencing for Robinson and Jackson is scheduled for Feb. 23 before Judge G.R. Hovey Johnson. Robinson could receive as much as 78 years in prison; Jackson three years or more.

Staff writer Keith Harriston contributed to this report.