Prince William County School Superintendent Edward L. Kelly has nominated 36 students to the 1988 Governor's School for the Gifted, based on the students' scholastic abilities or talent in the visual or performing arts. The program, now in its 15th year, allows private and public school students to pursue academic and artistic studies not generally available in high school.

This summer the program, which runs four to six weeks, will be held at Virginia Tech and State University in Blacksburg, Radford University, the University of Richmond, the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science in Gloucester Point. About 800 students from throughout the state, including 20 from Prince William, were selected for the program last summer.


Valerie Lynn Armstrong, theater; Michael Alexander Harding, theater; Sonya Ann Mills, visual arts; Katherine Elizabeth Slater, humanities.


Heather Lynne Austin, violin; Osie Nelson Brown, theater; Sunday Ann Frey, dance; John Gorkowski, humanities; Clifford Anthony Jordan, trumpet; Jennifer Sue Jordan, humanities; Abid Riaz Qureshi, humanities.


Michael Scott Dominguez, violin; Jennifer Ann Killion, theater; Gregory Scott Miller, violin; Jennifer Anne Moss, technology; Nathan Scott Murphy, humanities; Catherine Louise Rana, visual arts; Imani Amparo Torruella, technology. POTOMAC HIGH SCHOOL

Matthew Riley Dunlap, technology; Michele Dawn Holtzman, technology; Yungju Lee, violin; Eric Nichol Treschuk, technology. STONEWALL JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL

Elizabeth Carolyn Hollis, humanities; Heather Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, visual arts; Matthew Nathan Lovern, technology; Amy Sue Mechalek, theater; Laurie Elaine Smith, humanities; Judith Michelle Upton, viola.


Scott Steven Bricker, visual arts; Jennifer Lee Carney, theater; Jill Mari Fujisaki, humanities; Elizabeth Marisa Harris, humanities; Patrick F. McGarry, technology; Jennifer Elizabeth Memoli, violin; Kimberley Ann Patterson, first soprano; Scott Michael Witherall, technology.

Manassas and Manassas Park school administrators have not yet selected their nominees. Finalists will be chosen by a state committee in April. Manassas Site Viewed for Registers

The state's Division of Historic Landmarks is considering a portion of downtown Manassas for inclusion in the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historic Places. The listings are mainly honorific and would not impose restrictions on property owners in the affected area. The boundaries for the historic zone were discussed by city officials and staff members of the Manassas History Museum at a public hearing Tuesday at City Hall. Funds Approved for Van Pool Study

To encourage van pooling, the Board of County Supervisors has authorized funds for a study of insurance, operating costs and parking needs for van pools. Although the number of would-be riders in van or car pools has increased steadily in recent years, the number of van pools in the county's ride-sharing program has reached a plateau, according to program coordinators.

More than 6,000 county residents sought ride-sharing services last year, up from 2,153 in 1984, while the number of van pools in the program -- 350 -- did not increase from 1986, coordinators said. Only 40 percent of those who applied were placed in van or car pools, coordinators said.

Insurance premium increases and reduced coverage were blamed for discouraging potential van pool operators. "Most callers interested in starting a new van pool . . . have been disappointed to find that the only financial assistance available is a $1,000 no-interest, short-term loan," according to a memo from the county's chief of transportation planning.