Montgomery County Executive Sidney Kramer has proposed an 8.5 percent capital budget increase that will include expanding I-270 (Metro, Dec. 30). The construction will be on a spur that passes beside residences in Bethesda, Rockville and Potomac. This expansion would affect an already noisy corridor in an area zoned for homes in the county's master plan for land use. For this reason, the spur, which was built in the early '60s, should have been flanked by noise barriers at the time of its construction.

Mr. Kramer, a former Realtor, will be helping his developer friends by creating an enabling infratructure for their projects. He will not, however, be helping the many affected residents. They will get increased noise, a lower quality of life and declining property values.

The State Highway Administration has given specious "policy" replies to the complaining community organizations. It claims tht increasing the size of the roadway by 50 percent will result in no "significant" increase in the noise volume. It also contends that residents whose homes were built after the road came into existence have no grounds for complaint.

This is the kind of capital improvement that resident voters would rather not see if it does not include effective noise barriers.